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1073843 - can a man really be bi? YOU BET HE CAN!!!! gallery 1/1 (19 Pictures)
1188368 - Ashton Bradley, after taking a liking to his first Boynapped experience, is back for more and this time he's filled with vengeance. He takes his frustration out on poor Leo James. Covering him in cling film and abusing his hole whilst spitting down his th... (15 Pictures)
1188378 - With Leo James bound to the floor with his ass in the air, Kieron Knight takes advantage of his position and spanks him until his cheeks are bright red. Next in the onslaught of anal abuse is a bit of toy play to loosen him up. Finally Kieron Knight fucks... (15 Pictures)
1188703 - Palet wrap isn't something we have seen on BoyNapped, but sexy Max Brown wears black plastic so well. Wrapped like a piece of meat, Max has but a small hole to breath from as Sebastian pulls his hard dick through a second hole. Balls roped, bucket in plac... (15 Pictures)
1188740 - Suspended up above the floor with his hole at the perfect height, Chad Chambers is ready to receive the cock of Luke Desmond. Watch him get pounded like the filthy piggy boy that he knows he is in this video. (15 Pictures)
672550 - Amateur, Gay, Anal, Fetish, Male slave, Dog collar (16 Pictures)
672551 - Amateur, Gay, Anal, Fetish, Male slave, Dog collar (16 Pictures)
672553 - Amateur, Dog collar, Gay, Fetish, Male slave, Anal (16 Pictures)
672554 - Amateur, Dog collar, Gay, Fetish, Male slave, Anal (16 Pictures)
1169927 - Cody Winter's body is Tormented and his ass is destroyed. (15 Pictures)
1170228 - His new master loves using duct tape to immobilize his subs and fuck them (15 Pictures)
1188344 - Ashton Bradley decides to celebrate his favourite holiday in the best way he knows how. Fireworks? Picnic? BBQ? No, he is of course abusing the fresh faced Kelvin Ash. Ashton finds this adorable young straight boy tied in the mill. Ashton covers Kelvin's... (15 Pictures)
1188348 - Austin Coles has met his match with Kenzie Madison, our hot crew mate set to work on Austin's toned body and hard cock. Chained, gagged and bound by at the feet, Austin was helpless, unable to stop Kenzie from having his hands everywhere. Austin's cock is... (15 Pictures)
1188354 - Austin Coles if tied to the celling in The Mill as Sebastian Kane uses his ropework skills to retain the boy in position. Sebastian soon has Austin tied, bound and bent over exposing his hole. Austin is then subjected to fingering and anal play, slowly ... (15 Pictures)
1188358 - Once again Leo Foxx has been Boynapped and found in The Mill by the stunning Kenzie Madison. Kenzie soon gets to work on Leo's toned body and big cock before tying up his cock and balls, separating each cum filled nugget tightly with string. Leo is then t... (15 Pictures)
1188360 - Sexy little twink boy Will Adams was napped by the crew when loitering around the local train station. Its not long before the crew put Will's assets to good use and begin to explore his limits. Ashton uses and abuses Will's ass by spanking till it's red... (12 Pictures)
1188362 - Restrained by the hands and feet, as well as blindfolded, Ethan Ross is then at the mercy of Sebastian - who's not going to let this hot skinny, hairless twink go until that ripped body and stunningly big cock is completely covered in hot wax. Talk about ... (15 Pictures)
1188372 - Steven Prior is found in the mill with his wrists tied to his ankles on an old mattress. Ashton Bradley soon takes advantage of his restraints by covering Steven in candle wax and placing pegs on his big dick, before ripping them off and jacking him off u... (15 Pictures)
1188681 - After finding him in an abandoned toilet, Dan brings Jacob back home to show him what a real fucking is. Dan wastes no time in showing Jacob what a proper little slut he is and gets him to worship his fit and toned body. Dan beats him with the flogger and... (15 Pictures)
1188690 - Lost for something to do during a thunder storm, Adam decides to ride it out by abusing the buff Dan Jenkins. With him tied and bent over a bar, Dan is in the perfect position for Adam to brutally fuck his fit little ass. Between the cracks of the thunder... (15 Pictures)
1188692 - Strapped down to the cross with no where to go, Liam has to endure being worked over by Sebastian and having the most intense knob polishing of his life. Liam is left writhing around as Sebastian dripped and poured wax all over Liams body before going bac... (15 Pictures)
1188701 - Lincoln Gates is turning out to be one sadistic bastard. Fresh from the streets, Lincoln drags twink Ryan into the BoyNapped Mill. Tied and stretched, straight boy Ryan is subjected to his first ever arse fucking. Lincoln, who loves stealing virgin arse, ... (15 Pictures)
1188721 - Furry, ripped hottie Sean Saint is giving himself over to the eager Adam Watson in this video. With his incredible body on full display, Sean is given a handjob and blowie from his enamored captor - it'd be hard to keep your hands off him. (15 Pictures)
1188723 - Suspended above the air, Chad Chambers big, uncut cock hangs down and is in perfect position for milking by Luke Desmond. After getting him rock hard, Luke lets Chad up so we can see that beautifully smooth body while he jerks him off some more and flogs ... (15 Pictures)
1188725 - Smoking hot Jonny Parker walks up to Aiden Jason, bent over a ladder, and literally rips the shirt off his back so he can get at that raw skin for a hot wax session. After inflicting the scorching pain on his back, he fucks Aiden where he stands in the ul... (15 Pictures)
1188728 - Olive-skinned beauty Ryan Hilton is tied to the floor of the Boynapped Mill by his knees, where he's found by Adam Watson. Adam soon makes Ryan his very own play thing by stretching out his upper body little by little until he can go no more. In-between ... (15 Pictures)
1188745 - Adam Watson has Skylar Blu all tied up in a public toilet, where he intends to brutilize the young blond twink. He attaches pegs to his smooth, pale body and then proceeds to suck him off while he endures the pain. What a sadistic fucker. (12 Pictures)
1188747 - After a pain-filled pegging from the notorious Ashton Bradley, Jonny Parker's ordeal continues as he's told to suck on the big dick of his captor. Still red raw all over his body, Jonny's head is pushed down on that cock until Ashton is satisfied he's suc... (15 Pictures)
1188752 - Adam Watson is back to his wicked ways in this video, and this time he has Troy Henley at his disposal. Strung up and ready for him, Adam begins making Troy's body red and raw from a nasty pegging. Then it's on to a fierce hand job to add to the humiliati... (15 Pictures)
1188757 - Wrapped in cling film and secured tightly to the bed by handsome captor Luke Desmond, Ashton Bradley is made to endure a handjob and blowjob without being able to move any part of his body. In a huge finish, Luke takes Ashton's load in his mouth and feeds... (15 Pictures)
1188758 - Meet the human clothing line Bailey Oince. Sebastian has set about peggind the suspended chap in this video, making him endure some serious pain and sucking on his cock just to add to the humiliation. This is definitely one of the more out there encounter... (15 Pictures)
1188764 - We just love seeing a boy fucked mercilessly and incapable of doing anything about it, and Chad Chambers is no exception. Watch Ashton chain him up and pound his ass while he looks on helplessly, his big dick swinging between his legs with each slam. (15 Pictures)
1188771 - Tied down to the bed naked, Calvin Croft cuts quite a fine figure with his smooth skin and silvery hair. Leo James thinks so too, giving him a full body massage, sucking his beautiful cock and jerking both their dicks at the same time. (15 Pictures)
1188356 - Adam Watson is back, and we think Ashton Bradley has found himself a new favorite play thing. The action get all sorts of hot and sweaty in this video as we see Watson pinning down the hot, defined twink and no letting him up until he's done all sorts of ... (15 Pictures)
1190033 - the brothers decided to put him and his roommates through hell for letting him fail. They stripped them down oiled them up and had them wrestle naked (16 Pictures)
672504 - Solo, Amateur, Socks, Gay, Fetish, Handcuffed, Male slave (10 Pictures)
672529 - Solo, Amateur, Gay, Close up on ass, Big cock, Fetish, Male slave (15 Pictures)
672539 - Amateur, Jeans, Gay, Close up on ass, Fetish, Handcuffed, Male slave (16 Pictures)
672552 - Amateur, Dog collar, Gay, Anal, Threesome, Fetish, Male slave (16 Pictures)
986815 - Outdoor, Gay, Anal, Fetish, Bondage, Male slave, Master (16 Pictures)
1000298 - Gay, Blowjob, Anal, Asslicking, Handcuffed, Male slave, Master (16 Pictures)
1000299 - Cum on ass, Gay, Anal, Cumshot, Handcuffed, Male slave, Master (16 Pictures)
1000300 - Gay, Blowjob, Anal, Asslicking, Handcuffed, Male slave, Master (16 Pictures)
1169869 - Eli is on the hunt for some hot sex. Jaxton is searching for an obnoxious partier to brutally torment. Both will find exactly what they are looking fo (15 Pictures)
1169946 - Cody Winter pressed to the edge of his wits from the intense pleasure and denial (15 Pictures)
1169967 - Two creepy burglars sexually torment Zane Anders (15 Pictures)
1170057 - Joshua James takes on The Wall, The Pit, and The Gimp Challenge (15 Pictures)
1184443 - Lance Hart holds his fat cock in his hand and offers his bone to his pup. Tyler Rush is tied up with his hands immobilized, using only his mouth to service his master's cock. 'Good boy!' exclaims Lance, as Tyler does everything he can to win his handler's... (8 Pictures)
1188340 - Uber-hung Steven Prior finds himself back in the mill and at the hands of the one and only Kenzie Madison. Suspended from the ceiling by a ropework harness, Steven is helpless and can do nothing but watch as Kenzie covers him in bulldog clips. As Steven ... (15 Pictures)
1188342 - Young, sexy, natural twink Aiden is tied down and left at the hands of Sebastian Kane. Sebastian massages Aiden's tight, sexy body before removing a mound of natural pubic hair with hair clippers. The razor shaves Aiden totally bare before he gets fucked ... (15 Pictures)
1188350 - Poor young Ashton Bradley has been restrained to the floor of the The Mill and bound by a chastity belt. Sebastian Kane then removes Ashton's sight and sound, and pumps porn into his ears. Sebastian then covers his body in hot wax. Ashton squirms and sc... (15 Pictures)
1188352 - Sebastian Kane knows how to command his boys; no restraints, no restrictions, just pure control over Leo Foxx. Leo is given various positions to take whilst Sebastian spanks the boy with a multitude of implements. Leo is made to do everything from a simp... (15 Pictures)
1188370 - Nathaniel has been away for so long, Sebastian decided it was time for one last adventure before sending Nathaniel on his way. Weak and submissive, Nathaniel is willing to do anything if it means his freedom. Sebastian decides to string the lad up, work h... (15 Pictures)
1188374 - Brad Holt is found tied to a table by Kenzie Madison and Ashton Bradley. Kenzie and Ashton begin by teasing Brad's body, kissing and biting down his neck, over his chest to his nipples, and down to his cut dick. Aston then begins working on Brad Holt's fe... (15 Pictures)
1188684 - Aaron Aurora never looks as good as he does when he's bound with streams of hot wax running down his fit body. Lincoln takes so much pleasure from pounding Aarons smooth ass before coming around and forcing his throbbing dick down his boys throat. Aarons ... (15 Pictures)
1188696 - Leroy Dale has his sexy little emo in an awkward position. With one wrist tied to his ankle via the ceiling and the other wrist attached to his balls by the floor, Max Brown can only pull himself in all directions trying to keep balanced as he is brutally... (15 Pictures)
1188697 - Luke Desmond is back and this time he has brought along a Boynapped Victim of his very own. Lincoln gates is strapped face up to an old park bench in a public toilet forced to see his captors face as he covers Lincoln's body in hot wax. Luke Stares Linc... (15 Pictures)
1188705 - After taking control of Zacarys dick and locking it up, Leroy takes his time to abuse and tease his new boy. Leroy lights up the candles and begins working over Zacs back, making sure to get as much flesh as possible, before parting his boys tight ass che... (15 Pictures)
1188708 - Chained down naked on the bench, Luke Winters prays that he won't have to endure much before his captor Luke Desmond releases his dick from its plastic prison. Luke has to suffer through a full body waxing and cock teasing before his captor rams his 9 dic... (15 Pictures)
1188709 - Aaron Aurora is chastised and punished by our very own Sebastian Kane. With his cute little ass spanked until it is red raw, in a multitude of different positions Aaron is the led on his back and covered in hot wax. Once satisfied with his extended punis... (15 Pictures)
1188710 - With his legs tied wide and his hands pulled in front of him, Milo is in the perfect position for Adam to dive in and pound his new tight hole. Adam doesn't stop, even when his captive screams the house down, he just keeps going, until he finishes by cumm... (15 Pictures)
1188711 - Luke Desmond and his candles want to play a game. Mike is stretched out on the floor so he can't struggle as Luke pours wax all over his captive's chest and underwear. Luke wants to know how long Mike can hold his dick hard in the air, and with the threat... (15 Pictures)
1188712 - Foreign boy Luke Winters finds himself strapped up between two posts at the mercy of a very horny Adam Watson. Adam can't wait to plough his new boy's tight hole. He gets so excited that he rips the ass from Luke's jeans and fucks him hard and rough, leav... (15 Pictures)
1188716 - Beautiful bisexual bitch Maxi learns the hard way at the hands of the sadistic Ashton Bradley, who loves nothing more than the sound of tough boy's cries for mercy. Waxed and wanked, there is not a minute that passes when Maxi doesn't know whether to whim... (15 Pictures)
1188719 - Being bound tight with no where to run, Maxi Gerard finds himself on the receiving end of Leroy Dale's throbbing dick. After getting anchored down tight to the floor with his ass in the air, all Maxi can do is wait for his captor to decide which hole he's... (15 Pictures)
1188724 - Daniel Johnson stands tied to the wall with his big dick surrounded by strawberry blond pubes out there for all to see. It's too much of a temptation for Ashton Bradley who sets upon the hot, ripped lad with hot wax, and burns that beautiful body in front... (15 Pictures)
1188729 - Ties to a chair with rope and blindfolded, Jonny Parker really is at Sebastian's mercy in this video. His uncut cock exposed, it's not long until Seb sets his sights on it after a sensual massage. He even ropes that part of him up too - not sure why he th... (15 Pictures)
1188730 - Bailey Onice is back and suspended by restraints above the ground in the most insane and vunerable of positions. He's left in the well hung Ashton Bradley's capable hands, who has a hot wax encounter in mind for this boy. (15 Pictures)
1188731 - Tied down and put on his knees with his naked body exposed, Troy Henley is now at the mercy of the merciless Leo Foxx, whose love for coating a twink with hot wax is surpassed only by coating him in something else. Watch and see. (15 Pictures)
1188735 - Blindfolded and secured to the bench Aiden Jason has no idea what's coming for him when Sebastian Kain is around. Seb begins the ordeal by pegging Aiden's smooth, thin body. Provoking a mix of pain and pleasure for the boy, he then has to endure a handjob... (15 Pictures)
1188742 - Smooth, young Mylo is in for a severe session of CBT in this video. Tied to a massage table, his balls will never be the same after enduring the rough play that's inflicted on him in this intense one-on-one. His face looks so damn cute even when it's cont... (15 Pictures)
1188746 - So fully covered in hot wax that you can barely see the ropes that are restraining him, Bailey Oince really suffers at the hands of Ashton Bradley in this video. He's jerked off on the chair, able to do nothing about it, and also has to handle a big cock ... (15 Pictures)
1188750 - Poor Chad Chambers hasn't got a hope in hell of escaping the merciless Ashton Bradley in this video. Watch him get his ass stuffed by all manor of implement while he remains tied down on all fours. He won't be able to walk for weeks. (15 Pictures)
1188759 - Luke Desmond has Matt Brooks tied down and ready for some serious pain in this video. Watch Matt get covered in hot wax before being jerked off and sucked off by his captor. He's covered in all sorts of white stuff by the end of his ordeal. (15 Pictures)
1188760 - Aiden Jason is back once more and this time it's Adam Watson's turn to use the twinky boy and his hot body. Adam covers Aiden's defined tummy and hot cock with lashings of hot wax making him squirm and wriggle under the warm white coating. Adam then puts... (15 Pictures)
1188761 - Hung from the ceiling in a position he finds all too familiar, Steven Prior waits for the onslaught that follows. Kieron Knight wastes no time in getting to work on the the hanging stallion and starts to flog him all over his body. Kieron stops to reward... (15 Pictures)
1188763 - Don't look now, Justin James, but Sebastian Kain has you in his sights and he has all sorts of sadistic pleasures in mind. See beautiful young Justin's cock pushed to the limits as Sebastian ties it up with rope and sets about running a pinwheel up and do... (15 Pictures)
1188765 - Aaron Aurora just loves getting toyed with and Ashton Bradley's the one with the toy chest ready to deploy all manner of object. Chained to the floor and eventually blindfolded, you're going to love seeing Aaron's ass eat up everything it's given. (15 Pictures)
1188766 - Hung from the ceiling of The Mill, Jonny Parker is at the mercy of his captor Ashton Bradley. Ashton teases Jonny's large piece of meat, bringing it to its maximum capacity before slowly bringing him to climax by methodically rubbing the head of Jonny's ... (15 Pictures)
1188767 - It's the silly season and our Boynapped crew are unwrapping their presents early with Luke Desmond. Jonny and Ashton restrain him to a festive frame and set about humiliating the ripped fucker - jerking him off, fucking him and decorating him like a Chris... (15 Pictures)
1188770 - Restrained to a bench and covered in hot wax until he almost can't take anymore, Jacub's ordeal has only just begun. Then comes some serious ass play, with all manner of implement shoved deep into his hot boyhole. (15 Pictures)
1188774 - Restrained by chains and with his cock in a device that looks like it came straight from a Saw movie, this video is going to be quite a punishing task for Aaron Aurora. Don't miss him get his ass pounded by Ashton Bradley while he's caught in this steel t... (15 Pictures)
1189990 - Young naked college boy wrestling (16 Pictures)
795848 - Dog collar, Asian, Boots, Gay, Anal, Cumshot, Male slave, Master (16 Pictures)
949855 - Teen, Amateur, Gay, Close up on ass, Pumped toy, Fetish, Male slave, Spanking (16 Pictures)
1041379 - Amateur, Socks, Gay, Fetish, Foot, Handcuffed, Male slave, Solo boy (16 Pictures)
1041406 - Amateur, Gay, Sleeping, Fetish, Foot, Handcuffed, Male slave, Solo boy (16 Pictures)
1041835 - Male slave, Handcuffed, Foot, Bondage, Fetish, Solo, Gay, Amateur (16 Pictures)
1169893 - Jessie Colter is back just in time to break in the new sub, Scott DeMarco. (15 Pictures)
1169906 - The house switch shows huge sub how to play rough. (15 Pictures)
1169923 - The strong touch of a man's hands is too much for this jock. (15 Pictures)
1169995 - Alexander Gustavo faces the electric torment of the cattle prod. (15 Pictures)
1170019 - A horny double-header of two hot KinkMen favorites: Jackson Fillmore and Sebastian Keys. If these boys want in on the action, who are we to stop them? (15 Pictures)
1170049 - Straight Hunk Jordan Boss encounters new pleasures while taking an extreme flogging and intense bondage in Mr. Key's Dungeon. (15 Pictures)
1170086 - Seamus O'Reilly experiences extreme torments and hidden pleasures, while trying to escape his confinement. (15 Pictures)
1170177 - Tryp Bates gets edged by his coworkers on his first day working at the Kink Merchandise store. (15 Pictures)
1170236 - Beaten senseless, electrified inside and out, then mercilessly fucked (15 Pictures)
1170347 - Is it his eagerness, hot body or beautiful dick that lends to Daniel Lament's certain je ne sais quoi? (15 Pictures)
1170465 - Passed around like a piece of meat, ripped go-go boy Alexander Gustavo gets a taste of SF Pride as he's fucked in front of the entire bar (15 Pictures)
1170494 - This KinkMen fan from Dallas wants the full treatment, so Jessie brings him in for his first edging session (15 Pictures)
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