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1073843 - can a man really be bi? YOU BET HE CAN!!!! gallery 1/1 (19 Pictures)
1169927 - Cody Winter's body is Tormented and his ass is destroyed. (15 Pictures)
1170228 - His new master loves using duct tape to immobilize his subs and fuck them (15 Pictures)
986815 - Outdoor, Gay, Anal, Fetish, Bondage, Male slave, Master (16 Pictures)
1000298 - Gay, Blowjob, Anal, Asslicking, Handcuffed, Male slave, Master (16 Pictures)
1000299 - Cum on ass, Gay, Anal, Cumshot, Handcuffed, Male slave, Master (16 Pictures)
1000300 - Gay, Blowjob, Anal, Asslicking, Handcuffed, Male slave, Master (16 Pictures)
1169869 - Eli is on the hunt for some hot sex. Jaxton is searching for an obnoxious partier to brutally torment. Both will find exactly what they are looking fo (15 Pictures)
1169946 - Cody Winter pressed to the edge of his wits from the intense pleasure and denial (15 Pictures)
1169967 - Two creepy burglars sexually torment Zane Anders (15 Pictures)
1170057 - Joshua James takes on The Wall, The Pit, and The Gimp Challenge  (15 Pictures)
795848 - Dog collar, Asian, Boots, Gay, Anal, Cumshot, Male slave, Master (16 Pictures)
949855 - Teen, Amateur, Gay, Close up on ass, Pumped toy, Fetish, Male slave, Spanking (16 Pictures)
1041379 - Amateur, Socks, Gay, Fetish, Foot, Handcuffed, Male slave, Solo boy (16 Pictures)
1041406 - Amateur, Gay, Sleeping, Fetish, Foot, Handcuffed, Male slave, Solo boy (16 Pictures)
1041835 - Male slave, Handcuffed, Foot, Bondage, Fetish, Solo, Gay, Amateur (16 Pictures)
1169893 - Jessie Colter is back just in time to break in the new sub, Scott DeMarco. (15 Pictures)
1169906 - The house switch shows huge sub how to play rough. (15 Pictures)
1169923 - The strong touch of a man's hands is too much for this jock. (15 Pictures)
1169995 - Alexander Gustavo faces the electric torment of the cattle prod. (15 Pictures)
1170019 - A horny double-header of two hot KinkMen favorites: Jackson Fillmore and Sebastian Keys. If these boys want in on the action, who are we to stop them? (15 Pictures)
1170049 - Straight Hunk Jordan Boss encounters new pleasures while taking an extreme flogging and intense bondage in Mr. Key's Dungeon. (15 Pictures)
1170086 - Seamus O'Reilly experiences extreme torments and hidden pleasures, while trying to escape his confinement. (15 Pictures)
1170177 - Tryp Bates gets edged by his coworkers on his first day working at the Kink Merchandise store.  (15 Pictures)
1170236 - Beaten senseless, electrified inside and out, then mercilessly fucked (15 Pictures)
1170347 - Is it his eagerness, hot body or beautiful dick that lends to Daniel Lament's certain je ne sais quoi? (15 Pictures)
1170465 - Passed around like a piece of meat, ripped go-go boy Alexander Gustavo gets a taste of SF Pride as he's fucked in front of the entire bar  (15 Pictures)
1170494 - This KinkMen fan from Dallas wants the full treatment, so Jessie brings him in for his first edging session (15 Pictures)
1170613 - Brendan Patrick is a high-risk nymphomaniac, so he has been committed against his will and prohibited from orgasms. (15 Pictures)
949863 - Pumped toy, Teen, Amateur, Outdoor, Gay, Close up on ass, Fetish, Male slave, Spanking (16 Pictures)
953956 - Pumped toy, Teen, Amateur, Home made, Gay, Close up on ass, Fetish, Male slave, Whipping (16 Pictures)
986812 - Jeans, Panties, Outdoor, Gay, Fetish, Bondage, Male slave, Master, Spanking (16 Pictures)
1012360 - Threesome, Gay, Anal, Fetish, Foot, Handcuffed, Male slave, Master, Spanking (18 Pictures)
1169936 - It's a Men on Edge cum party, and you're invited. (15 Pictures)
1169979 - Jackson Fillmore learns the true meaning of pain from Sebastian keys in order to become the new house slave. (15 Pictures)
1170014 - Mr. Ducati gives his new fuck slave a romantic nigh of beatings, hot wax and hard fucking. (15 Pictures)
1170054 - This sex criminal gets his just deserts in the strong hands of the law. (15 Pictures)
1170074 - Adam tries to push the wrong dance students around. (15 Pictures)
1170121 - Sebastian Keys beats and fucks Chris Burke after an intense Zipper torment, and then beats the cum out of Chris with a wet flogger. (15 Pictures)
1170150 - How did Van fit so many clover clamps on his balls!? (15 Pictures)
1170191 - Mr. Maddox takes charge of Jack Hunter's ass. (15 Pictures)
1170366 - Visconti Triplets - 3 straight brothers tied up for the very first time. (15 Pictures)
1170526 - A botched robbery turns to a night of edging torment for a helpless bank teller (15 Pictures)
795939 - Dog collar, Asian, Interracial, Gay, Blowjob, Nurse, Anal, Handcuffed, Male slave, Master (20 Pictures)
953950 - Dog collar, Teen, Amateur, Home made, Outdoor, Gay, Close up on ass, Fetish, Male slave, Whipping (16 Pictures)
953952 - Pumped toy, Teen, Amateur, Home made, Gay, Close up on ass, Fetish, Handcuffed, Male slave, Whipping (16 Pictures)
986814 - Jeans, Panties, Outdoor, Gay, Fetish, Bondage, Male slave, Master, Spanking, Whipping (16 Pictures)
1156814 - Asian, Dog collar, Gay, Blowjob, Tit licking, Anal, Kissing, Handcuffed, Male slave, Master (24 Pictures)
1169942 - A home invasion fuck fest just wasn't enough for Zane Anders; he needs an extreme flogging along with the hard fucking. (15 Pictures)
1169962 - A sexy one night stand is nothing without a good hard flogging. (15 Pictures)
1170032 - Derek Pain seeks out new levels of extreme torment before getting his hole stretched by Christian Wilde's huge cock. (15 Pictures)
1170127 - Brogan Reed tried to bust a bathroom creep, but now his dick is ready to explode from intense edging. (15 Pictures)
1170160 - Josh Conners is edged in locker room, and ass fucked with a Shock Spot by Coach Sebastian Keys. (15 Pictures)
1170188 - A sexy stud ends up being manhandled, bound, suspended and gang fucked, when he goes to a public restroom to service the horny men cruising there. (15 Pictures)
1170208 - Mr Keys beats and fucks a new pain slut in the house (15 Pictures)
1170233 - Two buddies bond over a night of sensual rope and edging play. (15 Pictures)
1170307 - Connor Maguire pulls his fuck toy out of the box and torments him till finally giving him the deep dicking Logan Taylor has been begging for (15 Pictures)
1170312 - Jack's photo shoot goes from edging play to something diabolically sexy. (15 Pictures)
1170394 - Wolf Hudson finds himself in the hands of a twisted doctor; but once he's freed from bondage, the punishment is on... (15 Pictures)
1170419 - Jack Redmond has no idea what's in store for him: cock pumps, extended edging and massive dildos. (15 Pictures)
1170456 - Cass is hungry painslut who begs for release. What will he have to go through to deserve it? (15 Pictures)
1170510 - Strip poker leads to a depraved day of prolonged edging for Tryp Bates (15 Pictures)
1170590 - Alexander Gustavo has been locked in a chest for days, but that's a much safer predicament than what awaits: tasers, whipping and cattleprods... (15 Pictures)
1170594 - Muscled stud Coby Mitchell takes a break from working on the farm to enjoy his first time in bondage as he's relentlessly edged all day (15 Pictures)
1170610 - Krav Maga vs good ol' fashioned scrappin'. Will Brendan Patricks' classical training defeat his opponent? Or is Lance Hart strong enough to overpower (15 Pictures)
1170625 - Bishop Maguire cruelly takes advantage of a naive Mormon boy next door. (15 Pictures)
1170631 - Back to KinkMen after seven years, we show Wolf a great time with foot worshipping, bondage and an afternoon full of edging (15 Pictures)
1170659 - Tormented in tight metal bondage, Connor Patricks suffers cane and cock before receiving a mouthful of cum (15 Pictures)
1170666 - Muscled hunk Mitch Vaughn edged and tickle tormented while struggling in bondage (15 Pictures)
953961 - Dog collar, Balls licking, Teen, Amateur, Home made, Jeans, Gay, Blowjob, Fetish, Foot, Male slave (16 Pictures)
1041368 - Amateur, Piercing, Gay, Threesome, Kissing, Cum on tits, Cumshot, Blindfold, Handcuffed, Male slave, Solo boy (16 Pictures)
1169879 - Max Cameron takes on torments from the wall, the pit, and the water station. (15 Pictures)
1169996 - Tyler Rush's mistrust of ex-con coworker leads to lots of ass beating and fucking. (15 Pictures)
1170003 - Dale Cooper's huge dick wrapped in bootlaces (15 Pictures)
1170110 - His dick only gets harder as the restraints get tighter. (15 Pictures)
1170195 - Even though he's new to bondage. the ropes have Scott DeMarco ready to cum in seconds. Too bad this is Men on Edge... (15 Pictures)
1170213 - Now the bartender's gonna have to clean up a hot, sticky mess at close. He doesn't mind-- if he can make it that long without cumming. (15 Pictures)
1170255 - Jessie Colter uses and abuses a eager and horny Hugh Hunter in a dark basement. (15 Pictures)
1170262 - Sebastian and Christian are going to take their time before Officer Peters gets his happy ending. (15 Pictures)
1170278 - It's a quiet day at the gym, no one else around except Jessie and Rikk. Perfect for taking down a hot stud and edging him all afternoon. (15 Pictures)
1170296 - Logan Stone is no stranger to pleasure and torment of edging, so he puts himself at the mercy of the best out there. (15 Pictures)
1170330 - This hot army boy gets his pipes checked out by Sebastian and Jessie (10 Pictures)
1170342 - Now out of jail and on the run, Wolf Hudson is free to enact his sick torments on anyone who gets in his way. (15 Pictures)
1170432 - Locked in a dark dungeon, Adam gets his fill from a hung, sadistic dom. (15 Pictures)
1170439 - Stud looking for action in the showers gets his fill, ending up in tight ropes and a fist in his ass. (15 Pictures)
1170449 - Ripped gym rat Aarin Asker is behind on his gym membership, and he's gonna pay one way or another... (15 Pictures)
1170477 - Damien Michaels gets more than he bargained for when he gives a ride to two hitchhiking perverts. (15 Pictures)
1170573 - There is only pain and pleasure, sir! No mercy: this painslut slave can't get enough. (15 Pictures)
1169876 - Tight metal bondage holds this horny straight boy in place as he's relentlessly edged and tickled. (15 Pictures)
1169930 - The justice system will not save Micah from this brutal flogging. (15 Pictures)
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