Young Theo contacted me a year ago to audition for Maskurbate. At the time he'd just started working out and I felt he needed a little more definition to fit our criteria. When I saw his recent pics, I gladly invited him to my place for his first shot at ... (15 Pictures)
Mathias is our newest recruit and he's one hunk of a cutie! He a bit of a shy guy, but we know some of our most reticent rookies have become powerhouse veterans. Mathias has a cool, mysterious vibe that's gonna break a lot of hearts around here.From stro... (15 Pictures)
Past Tributes gallery 1/1 (11 Pictures)
Solo Pleasure, Kink, and Exploration gallery 2/2 (20 Pictures)
All Things Gay! gallery 45/221 (20 Pictures)
Blond hair, blue eyes, and a big thick dick... oh, and he’s called Dylan! This gorgeous 18 year old is a complete newbie, but it doesn’t show – not at all! Dylan has been blessed with stunning good looks (16 Pictures)
All Things Gay! gallery 52/221 (20 Pictures)
Cutie Boy Take Pic Of His Self In His Room (12 Pictures)
This handsome young man goes by the name of Richard Buldger. Chatting with Claude, he seems just a tad nervous, but in the good way. Something about Richard tells me he's an adventure seeker who craves new experiences. Hey, he wouldn't be here in the f... (15 Pictures)
My love for ladies of XNXX gallery 2/2 (20 Pictures)
Our Hot and Sexy Pictures !!!!! gallery 1/1 (10 Pictures)
All Things Gay! gallery 208/221 (20 Pictures)
All Things Gay! gallery 217/221 (20 Pictures)
Time to post some MEN Pictures. gallery 120/135 (13 Pictures)
Sexy Guy Show Abs (12 Pictures)
Flying sperm gallery 81/81 (20 Pictures)
When Ashton Bradley heard Aiden Jason was back in the mill he couldn't resist the chance to use the twink's tight little ass once again. After tying Aiden down he starts to work on his boy, teasing his uncut cock but never letting thehim cum. Ashton soon... (15 Pictures)
Newcomer Nick was hired to strip at a Masquerade. Wanting to impress his new employer, he decided to practice before the big event. Slowly but surely he got in the mood and even excited himself as he was dancing. At the end of his number, hard as a rock, ... (15 Pictures)
hot twinks gallery 76/124 (20 Pictures)
Hottie Guy With A Hard On Dick Real boyfriend shows his Uncut Cock Bald guy posing for the cam Home alone boyfriends pics Brunette boyfriend posing naked Uncut Dick Expose Blonde Guy Naked Show Sweaty Body And Cock Cam Boys Post: Free Amateur Gay Porn Twi... (12 Pictures)
All Things Gay! gallery 189/221 (20 Pictures)
A mad scientist is looking for a the perfect sperm donor so he can create a sex machine superhero. From a very young age, Peter Lipnik had a higher sex drive than normal, which made him the perfect candidate. Every male & female he encountered had to have... (15 Pictures)
Raeesa gallery 1/1 (16 Pictures)
18yo boyfriend show his cock at bed (12 Pictures)
In the bedroom Olivers dirty secrets come pouring out, he loves to 69 and bury his tongue in some fit guys arse! Big cocks are his major turn on and I think he has come to the right place as here at BLAKEMASON we too are all about the cock... (15 Pictures)
Shaved Cock Locker gallery 19/30 (20 Pictures)
Vani Cums (15 Pictures)
This week we have a tall sexy young man named Jason. He's 19 stands 6feet tall and weighs only 140. He's lean easy going and loves to skateboard all day every day. When Jason isn't riding on his skateboard he's giving the porn thing a try and we are very ... (15 Pictures)
Fit, hung Kenzie Madison allows Sebastian to pull back his uncut cock, arousing him all the way to climax. Each time Sebastian holds back as Kenzie begs to be taking over the edge. Desperate to release, Sebastian finally permits the boy to release sending... (15 Pictures)
Good looking black beefcake with tattoos shows his muscled bod and play with his cock live (18 Pictures)
Time to welcome this absolutely gorgeous blond bombshell! This is Ben, a student from London who is one very horny young man! From his gorgeous naturally smooth toned and tanned torso, to his stunning good looks. (16 Pictures)
Hard Cock Out From Undies (12 Pictures)
Today we have a very sexy young skateboarder by the name of Kevin Grey who is only 22 years old standing at 5 feet 10 and weighing in at 178 of pure skate and snow bliss. He loves to shred the snow and the streets so you know this young buck is ready for ... (15 Pictures)
My Smooth waxed cock gallery 1/1 (20 Pictures)
I find it exciting to watch straight guys fuck the Fleshlight for the first time. With that in mind, I invited Jeremy to my place. My only concern was the thickness of his cock. Will it fit in the toy? Will Jeremy like the experience? (15 Pictures)
All Things Gay! gallery 133/221 (20 Pictures)
Did anyone request a muscle bound, bronzed, god of a man with a nice big uncut dick? Nope??? Well I guess I’ll just have to keep him for myself then! Seriously though, what a fine specimen of manhood, hey? (16 Pictures)
Shaved Cock Locker gallery 9/30 (20 Pictures)
19yo doing requests gallery 2/2 (20 Pictures)
All Things Gay! gallery 119/221 (20 Pictures)
I belong to Tom_From_Northumberland gallery 3/9 (20 Pictures)
It's a proud pleasure to introduce our newest tasty lad, Jacob! I know plenty of you troops have a thing for redheads (I know I do), so I'm sure Jacob will be the smash hit of the Summer here at AD. But there's plenty more to love about this strapping n... (15 Pictures)
He quietly starts by teasing himself hard, pinching his nipples and caressing his body while casually jerking off until he’s as solid as a rock (16 Pictures)
I really love it when a total newbie completely relaxes and puts on a fantastic show - and the lovely Diego sure is one of those guys :-) (15 Pictures)
It is time for you to meet the rather sexy Greg he is 22 years old and has an amazing body that you could happily spend your life caressing and licking! (15 Pictures)
Tyler, drop dead gorgeous, uncut, and permanently horny!!! This is the elusive Tyler... you see, we had been talking since way before Christmas and it's taken this long to get this little gem down for a shoot ;-) (16 Pictures)
When I met Samuel I was completely overcome by how nice this guy really is... not only is he absolutely classically good looking, he has a body most only dream of. (16 Pictures)
He's a gym rat, a guy's guy, a patriot, and he's dripping with brooding sexuality. This hung hunk is Dominic Chavez, a 22-year-old stud who knows how to sex it up when he's pleasuring himself. And this time, we get to watch. So the pants come down, then... (15 Pictures)
I hope you are ready for an extreme tall glass of Ricardo because we have a sexy Latino standing 6 foot 3 weighing 150lbs and a strong ripe young age of 29. Ricardo is an avid swimmer when he's not showing off his big thick cock and you can maybe see him ... (15 Pictures)
He wastes no time in getting out of his underwear and sets about handling his monstrous but totally delicious cock. (16 Pictures)
Jack Off Pics gallery 1/1 (14 Pictures)
All Things Gay! gallery 131/221 (20 Pictures)
Hey Troops,Today we have a very sexy young man who is only 21 but stands a very tall 6 foot 2 and weighing in at 185lbs of sexy lean muscle. Damien likes to hang out at the gym working on his sexy body and he loves to go hiking on any new trails that he c... (15 Pictures)
Check out this fit and handsome fella - Brent is quite the guy what with his rugged good looks and toned, slender body. His personality perfectly matches his manly straight-guy image! (16 Pictures)
Me... again gallery 1/1 (20 Pictures)
Mason Lear confronts Roman Todd about him seeing another guy, Roman explains how he isn't ready for a commitment and felt like he needed something different. He explains how it was nice to fuck a big strong man for a change. Mason is offended and pins Rom... (15 Pictures)
im a grower not a shower gallery 2/2 (20 Pictures)
All Things Gay! gallery 128/221 (20 Pictures)
All Things Gay! gallery 122/221 (20 Pictures)
Hot Guy Jack Hard (12 Pictures)
Cock and cum gallery 1/1 (20 Pictures)
My nice big & thick cock in B&W (M, 24) gallery 1/2 (18 Pictures)
All Things Gay! gallery 148/221 (20 Pictures)
After attending a hardcore party, I invited my friend Thomas to stay for the night. Thomas had a lot of fun as he had sex with the female bartender and two busboys in the back room. Later, he came home and slept in my guest room. I know that Thomas had be... (15 Pictures)
The infantry is replenishing its ranks with some fine young talent going by the name Brock Banner. Brock's a young buck coming in at just a mere 19 years of age standing 5 feet 10 and a slim muscular 150lbs with a thick cock. It's his first time on camera... (15 Pictures)
Big thick cock pics gallery 14/18 (10 Pictures)
This is Marc's first porn experience. This 22 year old dude really likes anything that has to do with motors (motocross, four wheeler, going to the race track...). He has a nice ripped body. It shows that he works out 6 times a week. I personally think th... (15 Pictures)
EROTIC in black & white (ode to Krissy's hot) gallery 21/141 (20 Pictures)
Well finally it's spring-time and the sun is beginning to come so we thought we'd take our cameras outside and make the most of it! The first lucky lad to get a chance to enjoy himself in the British sunshine (16 Pictures)
Blonde boyfriends camwhoring (12 Pictures)
Woof! This is a serious "talent" alert and all I can say is "Yum"... and no, I'm not full of cum anymore ;-) (5 Pictures)
Shaved Cock Locker gallery 14/30 (20 Pictures)
Shaved Cock Locker gallery 26/30 (20 Pictures)
The recruits keep falling in waiting for their chance to be a part of this great squadron. Our newest rookie Fernando who is 23 standing at 5 feet 7 inches and weighing in at a strong 165lbs is ready to show off his talents. He is an avid Soccer player an... (15 Pictures)
You know those guys that just don’t seem to know how attractive they are... well meet Dale, he is exactly that type! He's got the most gorgeous blue eyes, a perfect smile and a body more than worthy of some serious attention (16 Pictures)
Liam is one very hot 18 year old guy from London and he looks good from every angle, trust me I have looked from a many as I could! (15 Pictures)
Hunky Dude Love Taking Pic Of His Hot Body (12 Pictures)
Sometimes it's the small lads who are packing the biggest cocks! Manchester-native Damian Harrison is a fine example. (15 Pictures)
Really hot boyfriend shows his big cock (12 Pictures)
Well it’s that time of the week again and man, how it comes by so quickly! Let me introduce you to another gorgeous, big dicked guy who just happened to have a very horny, very sensual wank just for you! (16 Pictures)
Hot boyfriend naked in the bathroom (12 Pictures)
Believe it or not, this gentleman's name is Ripley and he has a fantastic cock. He's a strong, silent type and there's a whole lot of intrigue here. With his clothing on, Ripley looks like he has an incredible body. And once he takes off those layers, ... (15 Pictures)
Zack is back as a lumberjack! This scene is very close to Zack's reality and surroundings. It was his idea to make an erotic artistic solo scene with lots of camera movements synchronized to cool music. This scene is very different from everything I've do... (15 Pictures)
Show me your bulges and cocks!! gallery 1/1 (18 Pictures)
You know when you meet one of those guys who’s absolutely stunning and does not quite know it? Well we have one super dose of the strong silent type for your enjoyment this week. (16 Pictures)
All Things Gay! gallery 32/221 (20 Pictures)
Dan J may be just 5'6 inches tall but he packs one hell of a lot in to his fine frame... (16 Pictures)
All Things Gay! gallery 216/221 (20 Pictures)
Explicit live cam show with a muscled black cam models posing nude and exposing his huge dick (12 Pictures)
This cheeky, fun-loving guy applied to model direct in order to fulfil one of his teenage dreams (16 Pictures)
I first met this very sexy straight guy down at the marina last summer - I was cleaning my "money-pit" and he was on a dive boat that had just come back in and moored up next to my birth. (16 Pictures)
Sweet Boy Open Wide His Legs (12 Pictures)
No stranger to getting naked in front of guys, he happily pulls out his soft dick from the side of his tiny swimming trunks and gets (16 Pictures)
Funny pictures of amateur boyfriends (12 Pictures)
Amateur boyfriend posing naked outdoor Camwhoring boyfriends taking selfpics Real Boyfriend taking selfpics in the mirror Hottie Dude Exposed His Erected Cock Boyfriend shows his nice ass Blonde Boy Showing Off His Tight Ass Slim Guy Naked In His Room Lea... (12 Pictures)
Hot Guy Holding And Pulling His Dick (12 Pictures)
Amateur boyfriend posing naked outdoor (12 Pictures)
Brandon Strokes His Cock (16 Pictures)
Sweet Looking Guy Taking Selfies (12 Pictures)
Muscled black cam model joins our live cam show and pleasures himself on live webcam (20 Pictures)
Shaved Cock Locker gallery 18/30 (20 Pictures)
Shaved Cock Locker gallery 28/30 (20 Pictures)
Jackoff Buddies - cock to cock gallery 1/1 (20 Pictures)
hot twinks gallery 6/124 (20 Pictures)
Twink Wank On Messy Room (12 Pictures)
hot twinks gallery 5/124 (20 Pictures)
What a big dicked beauty we have for you to feast your eyes on this week! Meet Noah, a truly special guy who is blessed with it all - great looks, a hot body, an unrivalled personality and a big fat uncut cock which at its best is more than 8 inches! (16 Pictures)
Shaved Cock Locker gallery 23/30 (20 Pictures)
All Things Gay! gallery 165/221 (20 Pictures)
It's time for yet another total newbie to pop his on-screen cherry just for us here at BLAKEMASON - and so it's time to meet Dylan, a very tall and very toned Geordie lad (16 Pictures)
This is our newest boy, Max! I like Max right off the jump and I think y'all will too. Chatting with Claude, I can tell he's an adventurous guy who'll be willing to test his limits. Isn't that exactly what we look for around here?Once Max gets his dick... (15 Pictures)
Part Eight of Blake Mason Cum Parade! (12 Pictures)
Got to get my tricked cards! My bait this time is young Carl. This sexy ripped Maskurbate model is back in a Strip Poker fantasy scene. His smooth muscular body is well featured from head to toe. Get aroused as he slowly strips, flexes and strokes. (15 Pictures)
All Things Gay! gallery 193/221 (20 Pictures)
All Things Gay! gallery 209/221 (20 Pictures)
Ryan is a young 19 y.o. bisexual living in Czech Republic. He answered our model search ad because he always wanted to be part of Maskurbate's popular models. He plays all kinds of sports, sometimes goes to the gym & likes reading books. Sexually, he's be... (15 Pictures)
im a grower not a shower gallery 1/2 (19 Pictures)
All Things Gay! gallery 166/221 (20 Pictures)
Introducing one of Newcastle's hottest guys... Billy. This tanned, toned super stud is only 20 years old but he's certainly had plenty of experience in the bedroom department! (16 Pictures)
Stud Naked In Bathroom (12 Pictures)
This handsome young man goes by the name of Richard Buldger. Chatting with Claude, he seems just a tad nervous, but in the good way. Something about Richard tells me he's an adventure seeker who craves new experiences. Hey, he wouldn't be here in the f... (15 Pictures)
To put himself in the mood, Maskurbate's sexiest model Brad was sex texting with his girlfriend, minutes before our shooting. She asked him if she could watch the shower scene live. So Brad put his cell phone's cam on while I shot the scene, adding to the... (15 Pictures)
Amateur boyfriend posing naked outdoor Camwhoring boyfriends taking selfpics Real Boyfriend taking selfpics in the mirror Hottie Dude Exposed His Erected Cock Boyfriend shows his nice ass Blonde Boy Showing Off His Tight Ass Slim Guy Naked In His Room Lea... (12 Pictures)
All Things Gay! gallery 207/221 (20 Pictures)
Gytis explores the horny feelings in his underbelly when he is home alone one day. (16 Pictures)
HOT DAMN !!!!! MEN BLASTING ;-) gallery 11/16 (12 Pictures)
Meet the lovely and very handsome JP. This fine looking fella was requested by some of our members via our forum and since they asked so nicely we listened! (16 Pictures)
All Things Gay! gallery 126/221 (20 Pictures)
Edgar dreams about hot bareback fuck sessions to help him get the most out of his daily self pleasure sessions. (16 Pictures)
My nice big & thick cock in B&W (M, 24) gallery 2/2 (20 Pictures)
Staxus - Raw (16 Pictures)
So the sun came out again (for a moment at least!) and so we decided to make the most of it with our latest newbie Seth! He's an American living in England who travelled all the way down from London to jerk his very fat cut cock for your enjoyment (16 Pictures)
All Things Gay! gallery 31/221 (20 Pictures)
Squirting, splashing and oozing with jizz, Cum Parade 9 is out to cause a splash! (12 Pictures)