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1187678 - While Calvin Banks' receives a massage from Rodney Steele's new fling Brogan Reed they discuss how great of a man Rodney is. Sneaky Brogan gets Calvin comfortable before he slowly cops a feel at Calvin's ass. He notices there is no hesitation from Calvin ... (15 Pictures)
1161656 - As Colt Rivers soaks his feet in the hot tub, JJ Knight makes himself comfortable on the ledge above. As JJ leans back, the towel wrapped around his waist falls open, revealing his massive cock. Turned on, Colt reaches for his hard cock, and starts stroki... (15 Pictures)
1184426 - Rodney Steele is lucky to have younger boy toy Brogan Reed live with him, not only is he a stud but he's a professional masseuse. After a stressful dinner Brogan relaxes his older daddy with a full service body massage. Cocksucking and ass worship does th... (15 Pictures)
1186662 - Staxus - Raw (16 Pictures)
1189639 - Sometimes we meet men who can't understand a lick of English. The hard part is getting him to agree to suck some dick. This guy was a little shocked, but in the end he gave in (18 Pictures)
665038 - Tattoo, Gay, Gym, Massage (15 Pictures)
1128876 - Oiled, Gay, Blowjob, Massage (11 Pictures)
1186869 - Staxus - Raw (16 Pictures)
1189634 - I got them together and they sucked each other off and started fucking right away. It was a dream come true for both of them (18 Pictures)
1190432 - We have 2 very sexy strong men ready to tare each other a part. After a long rubdown the boys get over excited and are ready to get their assholes pounded. The boys really mean business today (15 Pictures)
665014 - Jeans, Gay, Blowjob, Massage, Big cock (15 Pictures)
1046997 - 000429200042880004250000424600042420004238000423400042300004226000429100042870004249000424500042410004237000423300042290004225000425500042560004267000426800042630004264000427100042720004279000428000042510004252000427500042760004283000428400044100004409000... (15 Pictures)
1126449 - Gay, Blowjob, Massage, Anal, Asslicking (16 Pictures)
1152641 - After a great workout, trainer Sebastian Kross stretches out his client, Jonah Fontana, focusing on his tight glutes and hamstrings. Their cocks bulge inside their gym shorts. Running his hand along Jonah's ass, Sebastian works to relieve all of the tight... (15 Pictures)
1156945 - Kinky white twinks suck and fuck in a cum filled fucking party. (16 Pictures)
1156967 - Dan is eager to introduce virgin Guy to the pleasures of gay Asian sex. (20 Pictures)
1161611 - After relaxing in the hot tub, Brendan Phillips arrives to give JJ Knight a rejuvenating salt scrub. When he turns over, JJ's massive cock throbs. As Brendan runs his hands along JJ's body, he gets closer and closer to JJ's meat. When Brendan works out a ... (15 Pictures)
1161625 - Muscled Alexander Volkov arrives for his spa day, and Ryan Rose lets him in. Alexander strips down, revealing an incredible physique worthy of a Greek god. With massage oil, Ryan delivers deep tissue relief to Alexander's bulging muscles, but Alexander's ... (15 Pictures)
1180655 - A teacher fantasy of being probed by aliens turn into a wild ass fucking (18 Pictures)
1186865 - Staxus - Sportladz (16 Pictures)
1189635 - This week Dave has a new friend. He is usually a top, but today he is going to be a power bottom and Dave is going to have fun pounding that ass. (18 Pictures)
1189636 - Sometimes we want our masseuse to suck our dicks. Am I wrong? It's the dream of anyone with a soul I believe. (18 Pictures)
1189641 - Mark has no idea what he got himself into. He wants dick, but he hasn't had a dick like Izzy's. Izzy has a foot long cock thats fat like a baseball-bat. Mark was in disbelief once Izzy pulled the dick out (18 Pictures)
1190423 - he masseuse was pleased with what he saw. So much so he started to suck Kaydens dick. It was incredible! Two strangers going at it! Got to love it! (15 Pictures)
1190446 - Get ready boys! The oil comes out and bodies get rubbed. In many more ways then one. These boys know how to play. A little massaging, cock sucking and anal pounding (20 Pictures)
1190454 - Break out your oils cuz we got a steamy episode of Rub Him. I'm not sure where they come from but we get an array of extremely sexy guys to come by and provide us with the best massages (16 Pictures)
1190456 - Sensual, sexy. Those two words describe this installment of one of the best places to see two handsome men getting it on after a professional massage. (16 Pictures)
1190470 - Ideally we want that masseuse to be professional and able to get the job done in a professional manner. Sometimes we want our masseuse to suck our dicks. (16 Pictures)
1190509 - This buff black stud loves pounding his sweet ass (15 Pictures)
1190512 - He loves a firm dick sliding into his ass! (20 Pictures)
1190517 - Pounding ass and rubbing his hot body (20 Pictures)
1190524 - TIght toned asses getting fucked! (15 Pictures)
1190525 - These two hot studs love to massage their prostates. (15 Pictures)
1190527 - Legs up for a deep prostate massage! (20 Pictures)
1190530 - These two tight young guys love a good private fuck! (15 Pictures)
1190534 - Alex has Cole's dick in his hand and has Cole ends up with a dick in his ass. What a perfect way to end a massage. (15 Pictures)
1190535 - He's never had his cock sucked this good before. What a mouth on this hot sexy guy! (15 Pictures)
1190536 - He realizes he gets a little more then he bargained for when our boy shows up. They get the rubdown going and before this school boy can say what he's got a cock in his mouth (15 Pictures)
1190542 - Trace is ready for more than my hands, he wastes no time suggesting me to stroke his big dick which I was kind of craving already. It didn't take me long to wrap my lips around that thick sucker (15 Pictures)
1190545 - he ask me to finger his tight asshole and he proceeded to put my cock in his mouth and went to work with some beautiful slow motion dick sucking. This was a great fuck (20 Pictures)
663381 - Black, Gay, Massage, Anal, Condom, Fingering (15 Pictures)
665015 - Jeans, Gay, Blowjob, Massage, Close up on ass, Big cock (15 Pictures)
877345 - Condom, Jeans, Gay, Massage, Anal, Amateur (16 Pictures)
953924 - Teen, Amateur, Outdoor, Gay, Foot, Massage (16 Pictures)
953927 - Amateur, Home made, Gay, Foot, Teen, Massage (16 Pictures)
953955 - Teen, Amateur, Home made, Gay, Massage, Foot (16 Pictures)
1046998 - 000429200042880004250000424600042420004238000423400042300004226000429100042870004249000424500042410004237000423300042290004225000425500042560004267000426800042630004264000427100042720004279000428000042510004252000427500042760004283000428400044100004409000... (16 Pictures)
1152587 - Osiris is in his massage studio getting ready for his next client when he hears a knock at the door. Alan enters the room and they discuss his needs for massage and areas on his body that needs special attention. Osiris tells Alan he can take care of hi... (15 Pictures)
1156834 - Asian, Oiled, Gay, Massage, Jacking off, Cumshot (24 Pictures)
1156932 - Black twinks James and Richard have a delectable raw bareback session when they meet to practice massage. (16 Pictures)
1161660 - Brent Corrigan slips into a luxurious soaking tub; as he relaxes, his cock swells and hardens. Jason Maddox, Brent's masseur, begins the bodywork session with firm strokes along Brent's muscled backside. The round, meaty cheeks of Brent's ass are irresist... (15 Pictures)
1186868 - Staxus - Abused (16 Pictures)
1190427 - Two good looking hunks alone in a room rubbing and caressing to the point sparks fly and the both end up melding together with the help of some slippery oils (15 Pictures)
1190430 - This week we have some hot stuff for you. Blazk and Cristian both get the perfect massages. Before you know it they are both covered in baby oil and sucking each others dick. (20 Pictures)
1190433 - when they catch eye of each others cocks they start sucking each other off on the massage table.. this shit is so hot.. These two fucked on the massage table until they both blow some huge creamy load (20 Pictures)
1190436 - passionate raw sex. The masseuse couldn't hold back forever, and he eventually shot a big load in his friends mouth, and on his face (16 Pictures)
1190443 - he found a great masseuse. He rubbed him down with some hot oil but they both had the idea of taking this to the next level, and when they both got naked it was on. He sucked on his dick hard and deep (20 Pictures)
1190444 - The difference is for 50 you end up feeling good and for 100 you end up FEELING GOOD! What we film is the 100 dollar sessions. These sessions are filled with sensuality, sexuality and good ol fashioned fucking (20 Pictures)
1190472 - Another day, another dick to swallow. These two gentlemen get it on after a massage therapy session gets hot and heavy. It all started pretty normal until the masseuse started rubbing his cock (10 Pictures)
1190478 - The difference is for 50 you end up feeling good and for 100 you end up feeling great! We filmed one of these 100 dollar sessions. The whole session was filled with sensuality, sexuality and good ol fashioned fucking (16 Pictures)
1190486 - If you're looking for some hot, sexy man on man action you've come to the right place (16 Pictures)
1190490 - Two very muscular men exchanging money for service. That service was a massage until the masseuse took his clothes off and began to suck his customers dick. (15 Pictures)
1190492 - Us men love to be touched as well as women do. There's nothing like having a sexy hunk rub your body with oil. Such an amazing feeling. Especially when this go your way (16 Pictures)
1190499 - Getting fucked by this young hot stud (15 Pictures)
1190500 - Massaging his firm bubble ass (15 Pictures)
1190501 - These hot boys love sucking each others dicks (15 Pictures)
1190503 - Happy endings for both these well built men (15 Pictures)
1190506 - Anal massages and cum all over (11 Pictures)
1190515 - Buff bods and rock hard dicks! (15 Pictures)
1190519 - These two hot studs love pounding each others holes! (20 Pictures)
1190520 - He's Oiled up and ready to get fucked! (15 Pictures)
1190521 - Hot bods and firm rods (14 Pictures)
1190522 - Taking his tight ass for a ride on the massage table! (15 Pictures)
1190523 - Hot fucking leaves a sticky mess for these guys (15 Pictures)
1190526 - These built studs love to get their tight holes fucked (15 Pictures)
1190528 - Russian guy gets his ass fucked by a dark stud (15 Pictures)
1190531 - He loves having his tight pink asshole covered in cum! (15 Pictures)
1190533 - In this week's update we have a cute guy with nice body looking to get a little rub down. They jump right into some oral. (15 Pictures)
1190538 - after I hit his head with my cock a couple of times (intentionally) and realized he wasn't bothered, I knew I was gonna get to penetrate his little body and I did. (20 Pictures)
1190539 - Axel started rubbing oils all over his body, soon as he got the athlete naked. From there, he soon found a nice hard dick in his face (20 Pictures)
1190540 - I got this rugby player with a body of great definition as a client and boy I love when I get hot men as clients, there's nothing like it. So we chatted for a bit as I rubbed his nice defined body (15 Pictures)
1190541 - I pounded his sweet little asshole until I just came all over him and I have a feeling I will be seeing him again. (15 Pictures)
1190544 - a sexy little country boy. He answered the door in a cute orange dress shirt. It looked like he just got home from work. I knew he was hooked on me right from the beginning. He couldn't take those little doe eyes off me (15 Pictures)
1199166 - None (15 Pictures)
1161642 - Laying facedown on the massage table in a tranquil, white room, Sean Zevran awaits the expert touch of Brandon Rivers. Brandon slicks up Sean's back with massage oil, working his way from Sean's muscled shoulders down to his perfect, round ass. Flipping o... (15 Pictures)
1190428 - Watching two men oiled up and hot is sexy then a mother-fucker. These studs know what to do when it comes to sucking and fucking (20 Pictures)
1190465 - We have a professional Masseuse and a horny gentleman looking for some man on man action in a very sensual and sexy way. (16 Pictures)
1190477 - In some massage parlors you can get a massage for just 50 dollars and in some other establishments you can get one for 100 dollars. The difference is for 50 you end up feeling good and for 100 you end up feeling great! (16 Pictures)
1190489 - the best because they end happy if you catch my drift. There's nothing like witnessing two sexy men rubbing each other down with oils (16 Pictures)
665626 - Interracial, Gay, Massage, Anal, Balls licking, Cumshot, Facial (15 Pictures)
877343 - Condom, Outdoor, Gay, Massage, Anal, Amateur, Oiled (16 Pictures)
940463 - Condom, Oiled, Gay, Anal, Cumshot, Facial, Massage (15 Pictures)
953931 - Teen, Amateur, Home made, Oiled, Gay, Massage, Foot (16 Pictures)
953936 - Teen, Amateur, Home made, Gay, Massage, Fetish, Foot (16 Pictures)
953940 - Teen, Amateur, Home made, Socks, Gay, Massage, Foot (16 Pictures)
953944 - Amateur, Home made, Socks, Gay, Massage, Uniform, Solo (16 Pictures)
1090654 - Interracial, Gay, Massage, Anal, Condom, Kissing, Cumshot (15 Pictures)
1106019 - Interracial, Gay, Massage, Anal, Condom, Kissing, Cumshot (15 Pictures)
1189622 - Huge cumshots are always found, big dicks are in here splitting open asses, and even black on white is all in here! Muscles, bears, daddies, studs, twinks, Big Daddy is the network site for everything gay (24 Pictures)
1189640 - everything that you guys like from ass pounding to kissing to by standers all over the place,Enjoy! (18 Pictures)
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